First impressions count big time when you’re trying to sell your home

Before you can get to the stage where you’re ready to find a buyer, you need to get your house ready for sale. Although it won’t necessarily affect a valuation, cleaning, tidying, painting, redecorating and minor repairs all make a huge impression on prospective buyers.

Seller Information

Sellers – Hiring a Realtor®

Realtors® are specialists in the buying and selling process. They can help you ensure that your house is as well-represented as possible in terms of marketing, as well as making sure that the target market is fully captured when you do put our house on the market. And don’t forget the negotiations and paperwork – a good quality Realtor® can make the process much easier and less stress-free, handling all the technical nuances of selling your home while simultaneously making the process a whole lot faster.

Sellers – Listing and Marketing

When you’re ready to list your home, pricing is key. Go too low and you end up out of pocket. Too high and you’ll be waiting around. A Realtor® can provide you with a thorough analysis of the target market, ensuring that you aim for success in terms of expectations, but don’t set yourself up to fail. I provide pre-listing analysis as part of our standard service, as well as regular live updates, so you can see a range of performance statistics as prospective buyers browse listings.

Of course, a major part of selling your property is getting the marketing right. At Bachman Real Estate, we focus on a wide market by diversifying our marketing campaigns to include direct and digital marketing strategies, social media promotions and a range of high-quality, professional photos that showcase the space, light, and beauty of your property to get the maximum interest.

Opening up your home

Now you’ve got people interested enough to visit, it’s time to show off! Good lighting, background music, subtle but pleasing fragrances, and a pleasant manner can all make a huge impression as your potential buyers walk around your home. We help with home-specific advice and scheduling for showings.

Negotiations and Beyond

Don’t expect everything to be as simple as one offer and an immediate acceptance. Be prepared to stay the course and remember that you can trust us as a highly reputable Realtor® to ensure that you get the best deal possible without scaring off potential buyers.

When you’ve finally accepted an offer though, then the real fun begins. I can control the process for you – from inspections to paperwork and deeds – so that you don’t feel rushed or stressed. This is the key part of the sale process; you’re really close now, so this is the ideal time to rely on an experienced Realtor® to get everything closed without a hitch.

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