So, you’re ready to buy a home?

That’s great! You’ll no doubt be itching to get started straight away, but let’s first consider the following important questions to help guide your search.

Buyer Information

Will you work with a Realtor®?

A well-qualified Realtor® (Real Estate Agent) can help you find your dream home more quickly and will be able to use their market connections and status to ensure a smoother ride in the buying process.

How soon do you need to move? Are you currently in a lease contract?

It’s important to consider end dates and notice periods for leases and to understand how long a buying process typically takes.

What type of home are you looking to buy?

Do you know what you want from the space inside and around your home?

What is your price range?

It’s good to get some advice before applying to lenders, so you know what you can realistically afford.

Have you talked to a lender yet and received a letter pre-approval?

If not, I have a source of some amazing Lenders I can refer you to. Once you have received a pre-approval, then you can get serious with your search.

Which Phoenix/Scottsdale neighborhood would you like to live in?

Have you investigated all the merits of the different areas that this amazing valley has to offer?

What are your top 5 must haves?

Remember, there’s a difference between a “must-have” and a “nice-to-have”.

Are you also selling a property?

If you’re selling too, then there are logistical considerations that need to be made, as well as time-based ones.

Schedule the Consultation

If you choose to work with Bachman Real Estate, you can expect an in-depth consultation to be the first port of call, before we even start looking at homes. I want to establish a relationship, set expectations and start things off on the right foot. Our one-on-one sessions are thorough and will be valuable to you, in that we will be able to use the information to give you the best advice. Therefore, I ask that you are totally upfront and honest with your Realtor® so as to establish a positive working relationship.

For the consultation, it helps if you come prepared. Think about what you want and answer the questions on our Getting Started page. Bring your pre-approval if you already have one, and be ready to answer questions about price range, neighborhoods and timelines.

Search and Visit Properties

After you’ve had a consultation with us, we can help you find your dream home. We will help you to narrow your search based on your parameters – including budget – and set up a search profile on our local MLS. We set up alerts to that we can notify you regularly of new properties coming up, and monitor price changes.

We can also embark on one of the most exciting parts of the home buying process – looking at homes. Of course, we’ll need to see your pre-approval letter first and we will work alongside you throughout this process to ensure that everything runs smoothly, so you don’t miss out on a viewing of what could be your dream home.

Offer and Negotiations

So, you’ve found the home you want. Now, it’s time to really get things moving. I will work closely with you to get a written offer in place. I make sure that it’s a competitive offer, based on market analysis and current conditions. We get average price ranges and comparable properties to make sure that the offer is in keeping with trends, and we look at area-specific negotiating strategies too.

The negotiation part of buying a home can go several rounds. Don’t worry – this is completely normal. But this is also why having an experienced Realtor® in your corner can be really valuable. Rest assured that at Bachman Real Estate, I always look out for the best interests of our clients and are expert negotiators. As part of this service, I also keep in touch with your lender or banker, advising you on the best way to proceed throughout.

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